Morgellons Treatments; Anthelmintics

# SG75 Safe Guard Wormer for goats or horses, goat dewormer is the best bargain, 3mls per day, with the horse paste, turn down the threaded dialer to prevent any from coming out, then back out two turns for a proper amt. or  Jeffers online store.  Animal feed and seed supply houses also have these supplies as do “Tractor Supply chain stores”.

I started with the safeguard Fenbendazole 10% paste,orally.
The Fenbendazole was taken daily for 6 weeks, then every other day for 6 months, then I switched to 5 days on, three weeks off for another 6 mths, this was kept up until the fibers no longer appeared in the stool specimens.

certain foods help with the expulsion of so many different species of bugs and fungi. Keeping the bowel loose is also a must during this time. Sauerkraut and pineapple provide bulk and a cleansing effect. Ice cream and other bowel softeners will need to be used. Others have added in coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil in order to loosen the bowel or otherwise the huge plug cannot leave. Enemas are utilized by some, especially those with large plugs that refuse to come out. Fresh grapefruit sections make for lots of ugly things to come out while also taking the dewormers. The bowel must flow and 10 times per day wouldn’t be too many.

After 6-8 weeks of fenbendazole each day, one can take a week or 10 day break,  catch up on eating and regaining of strength,  some keep going with the DW’s.

Pyrantel Pamoate and Equimax dewormers need to be mixed together prior to use. After mixing the can be sucked back up into the tubes for future use. Be certain to mark the tubes as mixed. This mix is to be the same dosage for most, but some may become nauseous and require a lower dosage; This stuff is strong and will chase lots of the mess out of the body, keep loose with bowels during this time. Do not become dehydrated, use juices, especially those high in citric acid.

M artifacts will also try to leave through the skin and bowels, other organs,such as the tongue, eyes, urine, sinuses and feet will also see the mess exit there.

Tinactin antifungal liquid in a spray can or a cream is excellent for the skin issues, take the Tinactin, mix equal parts hydrocortisone creme, Fenben paste and Gel toothpaste, Aim or Colgate, get the type with zinc if it’s available.  Stir up the mix and apply a thin layer, allow to dry, apply another layer, leave dry for 24 hrs and rinse off afterwards, then reapply, keep doing the drying and rinsing off after 24hrs.

. Never touch a dry lesion, fingers are our enemy. get in the shower if one must pick at the areas.

If a sufferer feels pricks and crawling, then they can safely assume that their clothes are contaminated. They can be washed with borax, which is also in Oxyclean, Pinesol disinfectant cleaner, and regular detergent are to be used all at the same time. Double the dry level and time. Shirts and socks need to be turned inside out before drying.

The Tinactin liquid spray and or cream will stop the skin crawlies and pricks, so will the toothpaste. Colgate brand Optic White is much better than any other skin application including other toothpastes but it burns a bit, the cool mint feels great on most lesions. If too hot then bathe and soak the lesions prior to applying, especially with weeping lesions..

I spray hair with the Tinactin liquid spray or place the cream there, it makes a great multi purpose hair gel.

The kidneys can get stressed during this time of deworming due mainly to so much acidic and toxic mess coming down and out of the body. At times the urine looked like dark gear oil and smelled just as bad. The black fibers can be seen at the bottom of the commode.

Those with tender and or swollen thyroids will quickly notice an improvement with their thyroid gland, no more swelling nor tenderness.

I’ve learned to keep a supply of probiotics on hand, due to the cleansing out of so many of the good things inside my body, while eliminating bad things.

Keep lots of citric juices cold, and on hand.

Most sufferers have obstructed bowels, butter pecan ice cream and then grapefruit sections behind it will loosen up the bowels, Psyllium or Metamucial are both great products to help with the constipation. The stool must be kept loose during treatments, if unable to loosen the stools, contact me for more suggestions. Juices work great!