Morgellons Treatments; Anthelmintics

# SG75 Safe Guard Wormer for goats or horses, goat dewormer is the best bargain, 3mls per day, with the horse paste, turn down the threaded dialer to prevent any from coming out, then back out two turns for a proper amt. or  Jeffers online store.  Animal feed and seed supply houses also have these supplies as do “Tractor Supply chain stores”.

I started with the safeguard Fenbendazole 10% paste,orally.
The Fenbendazole was taken daily for 6 weeks, then every other day for 6 months, then I switched to 5 days on, three weeks off for another 6 mths, this was kept up until the fibers no longer appeared in the stool specimens.

certain foods help with the expulsion of so many different species of bugs and fungi. Keeping the bowel loose is also a must during this time. Sauerkraut and pineapple provide bulk and a cleansing effect. Ice cream and other bowel softeners will need to be used. Others have added in coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil in order to loosen the bowel or otherwise the huge plug cannot leave. Enemas are utilized by some, especially those with large plugs that refuse to come out. Fresh grapefruit sections make for lots of ugly things to come out while also taking the dewormers. The bowel must flow and 10 times per day wouldn’t be too many.

After 6-8 weeks of fenbendazole each day, one can take a week or 10 day break,  catch up on eating and regaining of strength,  some keep going with the DW’s.

Pyrantel Pamoate and Equimax dewormers need to be mixed together prior to use. After mixing the can be sucked back up into the tubes for future use. Be certain to mark the tubes as mixed. This mix is to be the same dosage for most, but some may become nauseous and require a lower dosage; This stuff is strong and will chase lots of the mess out of the body, keep loose with bowels during this time. Do not become dehydrated, use juices, especially those high in citric acid.

M artifacts will also try to leave through the skin and bowels, other organs,such as the tongue, eyes, urine, sinuses and feet will also see the mess exit there.

Tinactin antifungal liquid in a spray can or a cream is excellent for the skin issues, take the Tinactin, mix equal parts hydrocortisone creme, Fenben paste and Gel toothpaste, Aim or Colgate, get the type with zinc if it’s available.  Stir up the mix and apply a thin layer, allow to dry, apply another layer, leave dry for 24 hrs and rinse off afterwards, then reapply, keep doing the drying and rinsing off after 24hrs.

. Never touch a dry lesion, fingers are our enemy. get in the shower if one must pick at the areas.

If a sufferer feels pricks and crawling, then they can safely assume that their clothes are contaminated. They can be washed with borax, which is also in Oxyclean, Pinesol disinfectant cleaner, and regular detergent are to be used all at the same time. Double the dry level and time. Shirts and socks need to be turned inside out before drying.

The Tinactin liquid spray and or cream will stop the skin crawlies and pricks, so will the toothpaste. Colgate brand Optic White is much better than any other skin application including other toothpastes but it burns a bit, the cool mint feels great on most lesions. If too hot then bathe and soak the lesions prior to applying, especially with weeping lesions..

I spray hair with the Tinactin liquid spray or place the cream there, it makes a great multi purpose hair gel.

The kidneys can get stressed during this time of deworming due mainly to so much acidic and toxic mess coming down and out of the body. At times the urine looked like dark gear oil and smelled just as bad. The black fibers can be seen at the bottom of the commode.

Those with tender and or swollen thyroids will quickly notice an improvement with their thyroid gland, no more swelling nor tenderness.

I’ve learned to keep a supply of probiotics on hand, due to the cleansing out of so many of the good things inside my body, while eliminating bad things.

Keep lots of citric juices cold, and on hand.

Most sufferers have obstructed bowels, butter pecan ice cream and then grapefruit sections behind it will loosen up the bowels, Psyllium or Metamucial are both great products to help with the constipation. The stool must be kept loose during treatments, if unable to loosen the stools, contact me for more suggestions. Juices work great!


24 responses to “Morgellons Treatments; Anthelmintics

  1. Hi, you are doing a good job. God bless you. Please will fenbendazole be able to cure strongyloidiasis. I been suffering strongyloidiasis for some years. I need your help please. Thanks

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for all the info. I used the fenben with good results, but some month ago the doctor gave me some strong antibiotic that gave me gastritis. By now the issue has improved a lot, but I still have symtoms. Could I try the fenben again with the gastritis or it will worsen it? If I cannot take it what would you recommend?

    Thanks and best regards.

  3. Hi: I don’t know if you still check on replies but I have a question about the Febendazole dose. You say ‘two turns, put in mouth and then swallow with water.” Is this two turns per dose? Is the dose twice a day? I tried your number but no mail box. YOu can contact me at my email… Thanks…

  4. Steve, I’ve been checking out your site and I’ve been suffering from bites I got from what I thought were flees or bedbugs, and I’m living at my mom’s now and I’m getting all these sensation of what your explanation on fb. And now this site , I would love to talk to you! Can you please help me out why I’m scared my parents are showing signs of this in ways can you please help. Thanks, Frank

  5. Thank you Steve for all your information on Fenbendazole. Can I use WSD Fenbendazole suspension drench (25g/L) for oral use in sheep, goat and cattle. Recommended dosage for sheep and goats is 1ml per 4kg. Do I work out my dosage the same as way….64kg = 16mls. Many Thanks, your website has offered my hope.

    • Use the safeguard fenbendazole for internal issues, not the drench, it’s for skin parasites, which wont help as fenben requires synthesis n our livers, which it doesn’t harm.

    • No, it’s best to follow the directions on this page, apple juice helps the skin, best to use hydrocortisone cream, Tinactin and toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide already inside the toothpaste.

  6. Do you know if the worm is natural or gmo?

    So far the worms are definitely the worst part by far.
    The males are smaller. The females larger. Consonant with many nematodes from what I can see. But I haven’t found a species on the net that matches everything.
    Fibers my a-s.

    If enough people woke up to the fact that they’d been infected with worms through negligence and/or greed there would be hell to pay.
    Which is why I guess the distraction of, “fibers,” was harped on again and again and again ad naseum.

    Then there’s the fungal hyphae in the mix.

    Either nature went took a twist and turn or this is straight from Hell’s children. My guess is that it is the latter.
    But what do you think?

    • Nature, global warming allowed organisms to be released from their cryptic hold within the ice sheets of Antartica and the glaciers of the North pole. Some may be ancient, 800 million years old.

    • It’s all a natural process, man made it worse with phosphorus and other pollutants that made some species of plants super plants, also the worms come from the fungi.
      They are clones, as are other things which are involved.

  7. Oh yeah, one more important thing we all need to know: Mites, midges, mosquitoes etc are attracted to a person with Rope Worm bc of the multitude of fungus.

    Peace out, and spread Morgellons awareness, plz!

  8. Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart. I believe you are saving my life.

    I have been struggling with this diabolic illness for 27 months, and it has been pure Hell. I am following your advice religiously, only I spray my clothes before i wear them, and i also discovered Miconazole nitrate 2% will get the ‘fibers/lint/mites/’ wtvr – right out of your clothing. (Many clothes had to be trashed PLZ DO NOT PASS THEM ON TO A CHARITY!!) also periodically pour 2 gallons of vinegar into my washing machine, let it soak over night, and then run the washing machine on HOT. Be careful of fabric softener entrances, as these can get moldy, as well as (yes) even running the vinegar thru the ‘bleach’ area. I run my washing machine 2x, just to be sure I don’t ruin or spot my clothes…

    After washing my clothes as you suggested, I spray AND power them while still in the washer with the M.N 2%. Flip them around, and spray them twice before throwing them into the dryer.

    Also, CHECK YOUR LINT TRAP EVERY TIME YOU DRY. Also check outside your home to make sure there is no blockage there.

    I have found rx Eurax 10% cream to be extremely helpful. I use it all over my body to ease the stinging, biting, burning and numbness, especially in my hands and for the fungus on my toes… The weirdest, creepiest stuff emerged, like knotted strands of hair (breathing tubes?), tons of dark fibers (that closely resemble dog hair), even white strings that look like DENTAL FLOSS! I never pull them; i want the whole thing to come out, so i keep massaging the Eurax. I have gotten what looks like little balls of LINT out of the bottoms of my feet.

    Other weird things: sounds like water in my ears, I’ve plucked course white hair/fiber wtvr from my nose, and what i thought were Herpes or “sun blisters”, when Eurax was applied around the lips externally~ after a day or two a white worm emerged!

    Same thing around my anal area. I apply Eurax cream, mostly at night, and wear a couple menstral pads bc they trap some kind of fungus that will ‘crawl out’ deep into the night. The fungus ‘Thing’ gets trapped in the pad!

    I know you said not to wear gloves, but i was in so much pain with my hands, i did not have enough Eurax to keep applying it during the day. If you wear gloves, don’t do latex, and after applying the Eurax, use M.N.2% powder on top to keep the hands from sweating (that defeats the purpose).

    Be careful collecting any kind of ‘specimen’ for a doctor! Fungus shoots out spores, and they got on my eyelashes and in my eyes. Rather, I take pix after they fall into the toilet.

    It took over 2 yrs to finally find an open-,minded doctor who would believe and work with me. I was in the 5th stage of Rope worm (an opportunistic disease), and when i ran terrified to the hospital ER, they rearranged the furniture, gave me a blue gown, parked a ‘babysitter’ in what i think was an ‘observation’ room- until they shipped me off to a psyche ward. THEY NEVER EXAMINED MY STOOL! I had two 3 gallon jars of ropes, some of which were 2 and a half feet long! I know, UNBELIEVABLE.

    When I went to go to the bathroom, the stool was just hanging from my bottom, (like a rope, thus the name) and I had to pull and pull it (wearing my gloves) to get it out of my body! It was sickening to say the least. And i am 5’7, and had gone from 130 lbs to 103 lbs…

    I can’t believe i’m sharing all this, but if i can spare one person the terror and heartache that crippled my life, it will be worth all my pride.

    Morgellons is VERY REAL. Something is going on. I am a teacher, not a mentally disabled person with delusional parasitosis (sp?) yeah, I hate spelling though LOL

    I have fought and fought this nightmare. I eat all organic food, no sugar, dairy, or caffeine and take probiotics. I’ve also done the Candida cleanse and taken Black Walnut tabs with Psyllium Whole Husks, did a phase with freshly chopped garlic, and FINALLY i am able to breath again as my lungs were full of some kind of yellow slime. I found something called ‘Candida’ Heavy Metal Detox by Aquaflora at the ‘Vitamin Shoppe’ here in Sterling Hts, MI.

    It has been one hell of a battle. I have gotten closer and closer to God. I am a Christian, and it is only by the grace of God I have made it this far.

    When I rushed hysterically to the ER, at the psyche ward they do what’s called a ‘body evaluation’ – taking note of any scratches, lesions, tattoos, scars etc.
    I had 72 ‘weeping’ lesions which everyone insisted were “self-inflicted” (ON MY BACK TOO??) The medical staff said I pulled out my own hair, and shoved tiny objects into my own skin!

    Anyway, sorry to go on and on… this has been just so horrible, i welcome death. But i am a widow with a 13 yr old son who loves me very much AND HAS WITNESSED these UNBELIEVABLE SYMPTOMS!

    If you want to email me or ask me questions, i’m at

    God bless all of you, especially you Steve. I wish to God i would have found this information sooner. It is priceless!

    Sending my love to all sufferers,

    Marianne, aka XD (XDelilah)

  9. Steve this is great information..could you also tell what the recommended dosages for the Equimax and Pyrantel are? Thanks.

  10. Steve this is great information..could you also tell what the recommended dosages for the Equimax and Pyrantel are? Thanks.

  11. Steve, I want to give this a go. Can you detail out the specific dosing and timing of fenben ( above says 6 weeks then pulse) and when adding the other two equimax and PP is that done along with the fen ben after the initial six weeks of fenben? I just want to make sure I am dosing and timing correctly. How much? I weigh 180 lbs. Thank you soooooooooo much ! KJ

  12. Hi Steve, I am soooo happy to find this and hopeful to get rid of Morgellons after struggling for answers for almost 2 years. I have a Tractor Supply store in my town so I am going to purchase right away. Could you detail for me the exact dosing to use for fen ben each day ( I weigh 180) and okay it says take that for six weeks then start the pulse as mentioned above. So after six weeks do you add the equimax and pamoate Pyrantel mix along with the continued use of fen ben? And how much of each of equimax and PP? I am going for it, just want to get the dosing and timing right. Many thanks!!! KJ

  13. Wow! Finally, someone spoke of a treatment for what bugs me most about Morgs, WORMS. The GPs, dermos, ID docs, don’t even GO there. Thank you so very much, Steve, for sharing this invaluable information. Bless you!

  14. Thank you so much for your advice. I did take some meds for dogs and I am much better. I think I am almost cured but i do see occassional symptons. I shall try your suggestions. thanks again. 😉

    • After you’ve gone through 6 weeks with the fenbendazole, one can try the equimax and if a person wishes to go all out, do the equimax in mornings and Pamoate Pyrantel in the afternoons. Some find the combo to be a bit stressing, but it is almost always able to push out some things that wish to leave one’s body.

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